Győrkids Ville - Fairy Tale Schedule

10.00 Leskowsky musical instrument demonstration
11.00 Langaléta Garabonciások: János Háry
1.00 MárkusZínház: The Tree that Touched the Sky
2.00 Leskowsky musical instrument demonstration
3.00 Bohócok a láthatáron: Witch Laundry
5.00 Ziránó Theatre: Pulcinella in the garden
7.00 János Pályi János: László Gallant

Leskowsky musical instrument demonstration
Travels around the world of special musical instruments. Hungarian folk instruments, experimental instruments, special sounding tools will be played during the performance. The audience will get to know the traditions, stories and rumours surrounding the instruments in an entertaining, interactive form with leader Áron Szilágyi. 

Langaléta Garabonciások: János Háry, or the veteran with the huge step
Who wouldn't know the story of János Háry, the veteran who liked to bend the truth? Now you can learn from the company on stilts how big János Háry could step.

In the new performance of Langaléta Garabonciások not only the stories of the well-known soldier will grow enormous in the melting-pot of imagination, but János Háry himself will become a giant, and ride his fiery horse through battles and applauses to the hearts of the short-legged audience. The performance of these artists on stilts is a must-see of outdoor festivals. They mingle with the audience, play tricks on them, including young and old in the games and funny contests, thereby creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

Our company has four members. Our instruments include giant puppets, mime games, loud music making and tricky puns.
The team:
László Gulyás, dancer, musician, rhyme-maker
Dénes Orbán, musician playing all kinds blowable things
Kristóf Ambrus, legflipper of acrobatic skills
Sándor Nagy, drilling-carving craftsman

MárkusZínház: The Tree That Touched the Sky
Based on Elek Benedek's story. The only daughter of the old king is caught by a sudden whirlwind. Whoever gets her back will get the whole kingdom, but several princes and knights are lost in the battle. Little John is the only one who can take home Miss Lily after he has defeated the three-headed dragon. The king is happy, doesn't want to die any more, for everything reaches its happy end.
We are playing for children and the grown-ups accompanying them, 45 minutes

Bohócok a láthatáron: Witch Laundry
The ultimately vicious witch is holding the princess captive. Fortunately, a prince comes along who frees her with the help of the audience. Provided the audience decides to help. In the meantime, our body and soul will be cleansed, thanks to an extra-ordinary device called the "pucerator". Who will do what with what and what??? Now that's what we're going to tell you step by step by step.
Written and directed by: Róbert Markó
Dramaturge: Beáta Selmeczi
Played by: Yvette Feuer, Bence Ivák, Erika Manyasz
Puppet trainer, props and set: Márk Horváth
Costumes: Gábor Michac
Music: Samu Gryllus

Ziránó Theatre: Pulcinella in the garden
Pulcinella is the Italian brother of László Gallant.
What he most loves is eating, drinking and sleeping, which often gets him into trouble. Not only because his wife, the glamorous Rosetta continually keeps fighting with him, but also because in the middle of his sweetest dreams a cunning and brave rabbit starts eating the fruit of their garden.
A puppet play of hilarious humour and live music.

János Pályi: László Gallant
In the traditional market puppet play, the joyful fellow with the red cap teaches a lesson to the devil and Death itself with a frying pan. A hilarious, joyous gloved puppet play, which is preceded by marketplace tricks. It might even turn out that there are children in the audience with juggling skills. For his performance János Pályi has won the best puppeteer prize at carious national and international festivals.
“János Pályi belongs to the most exquisite puppeteers. His László Gallant is a revelation because he carefully preserves the original, and simultaneously reinvents it according to his own taste.” Gábor Bóta, critic
Designed by: Gyula Majoros, Géza Blattner prize-winner
Directed by: Ildikó Kovács, Géza Blattner prize-winner
Played by: János Pályi, Géza Blattner prize-winner

Start date: 
Saturday, 7 July 2018 - 10:00am to 8:00pm